Our fully integrated production and management process allows us to deliver reliable products of the highest quality

At the Aero Precision Division, we’ve set up a comprehensive production process that starts with receiving design data from the customer and proceeds through modeling and programming all the way through quality assurance. Read on for more details on how the production process works for products like aircraft components and impellers.

  • STEP01

    Receive customer design data

    We accept customer data in a variety of formats, including numerical tables, drawings, computer data, and more.

  • STEP02

    Modeling and programming

    Our main processors for modeling aircraft components are the CATIA V5 systems.
    We use CATIA as well as MAX-5, -AB, and -SI systems to model impellers. These systems allow us to handle various edge forms (arcs, elliptical shapes, gradient, and so on) including ruled, freeform and variable blade fillet radius.

  • STEP03

    Create NC data

    The next step is to create NC data using our development post-processor and ExpertPOST software, both of which were developed in-house.

  • STEP04

    Machining simulation

    Once the NC data is ready, we check the product shape using our own G-Navi software and carry out a simulation to check for machine interference and other potential issues. This ensures that actual production proceeds reliably and smoothly.

  • STEP05

    Tool grinding

    We have three NC tool grinders that we can use to quickly and precisely manufacture the tools we need.

  • STEP06


    For processing, we use one of the 132 machines in our 5-axis machining center. Each of the machines has a different set of specifications, allowing us to select the perfect one for the job. Our extensive facilities even allow us to machine products that call for complex 3D curves.

  • STEP07

    Quality check using 3D measurement

    During the quality check, we use our 3D measuring devices (5 CMMs,3 Non-Contact CMMs). This equipment carries out automated measuring based on our application program developed in-house. Our rigorous quality checks are what allow us to guarantee world-class quality in line with the AS 9100D and IATF16949 standards.