Anyone can transfer heavy products with ease using our hand manipulators

The Raku-Raku Hand is not a robot. It’s a manual assisted hand manipulator that operators use as an extension of their arm to make manual labor safer and easier. Raku-Raku Hands reduce labor requirements and facilitate handling operations (transfer of heavy loads). The Raku-Raku Hand not only solves problems in the workplace but also eliminates serious injuries caused by load lifting processes.

Easy and Smooth Operation
1) The Raku-Raku Hand is optimized to enable each operator to smoothly guide all movements of the device. 2) A specialist is not required to operate the Raku-Raku Hand because of its simple operation procedure. 3) The Raku-Raku Hand is designed to make efficient use of work and storage space.
Custom-made End Effector
1) AIKOKU ALPHA has designed over 30,000 end effectors across 45 years of experience. 2) Our team designs optimal end effectors to meet your needs. 3) All end effectors are designed for maximum comfort and optimized for accessibility of switches.
Work Safely and Securely
1) The Raku-Raku Hand prevents the arm from dropping when the power supply fails - as a standard safety function. 2) The Raku-Raku Hand is equipped with various safety functions to protect operators. (ex. Low voltage, safety confirmation indicator, double-safety interlock, etc.) 3) Improve bad posture and eliminate excessive physical burdens by using the Raku-Raku Hand.
After-sales support
We have an inventory of spare parts in Japan and USA so we can rapidly provide for the needs of our customers.
Japan’s leader in hand manipulators
Since we provided our first “Number One Raku Raku Hand” in 1970, AIKOKU ALPHA has installed over 30,000 hand manipulators as the leading company in Japan.


Back and shoulder pain, pinched fingers, wrist pain... Workplace injuries.
Improve bad posture, back / shoulder / wrist pain. Work becomes comfortable. Improve employee retention ratio.
Operations requiring two personnel. Heavy products. Job rotations required to reduce workload.
Operations performed by a single operator. No member rotation. Reduce labor costs. Increase productivity.