We push process integration and precision cold forming technology to the limit

The global auto industry runs on AIKOKU ALPHA’s precision cold-formed parts, and the CF Division manufactures these components. The reason why AIKOKU ALPHA has dedicated to cold-forming technology for half century since 1958 is that we believe the lack of material waste compared to machining and high processing speed of cold forming is the ideal process for producing automotive parts.In addition, because cold forming can be carried out at room temperature, it is also superior to hot forging in terms of energy conservation and maintaining a comfortable work environment. We truly believe that cold forming represents the future of processing technology. Within the area of cold forming itself, we have specialized in precision cold-forming highly accurate components. We were one of the first companies to make workable high-precision parts like spline shafts. Over the past 64 years, we have changed our products to match the times, starting with small bicycle parts and moving on to motorcycle and now automobile components. Still, the fundamentals of precision cold forming have never changed and will continue to remain constant as we head into the future.

Production centers

Main plant
4-1, Hongo Juichi, Morikami, Sobue-cho,Inazawa City, Aichi
495-8501 JAPAN
Phone:(81) 587-97-1111
Fax:(81) 587-97-1177
Yamazaki Plant
35-10 Daidokoro, Yamazaki, Sobue-cho,Inazawa City, Aichi
495-0002 JAPAN
Phone:(81) 587-97-1114
Fax:(81) 587-98-1333

Overseas headquarters

520 Lake Cook Road,Suite 180 Deerfied,IL 60015, U.S.A.