The Quality Policy of the CF Division

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IATF 16949(2016) certified

At AIKOKU ALPHA, the foundational principle of our quality assurance activities is the 16.5 Oath, which is based on consistency control through the Alpha Production System.
To provide highly reliable products, we are continually working to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system to ensure that our specification sheets, standards, and other regulations meet customer demands.

The16.5 Oath is the result of efforts to improve our operations following a quality incident in the 1960’s. This oath serves as the foundation for our CF Division Quality Policy.

  • • The manager of each related department is required to use this manual to set up a quality management system for the tasks they oversee, establish clear quality requirements, and reliably carry out operations in a way that satisfies quality regulations.
  • • Our quality assurance activities begin with a discussion on specifications. These activities are constructed in a way that allows us to implement and verify all quality-related tasks in each stage of the production process (manufacturing development, manufacturing itself, and delivery). Still, it is the individuals that actually carry out the work and the organization itself that are responsible for achieving the required level of quality.
  • • We have a quality assurance departmental manager who is responsible for overseeing the quality management system and is given the authority and responsibility to ensure that the requirements outlined in the quality manual are being properly maintained and carried out. Managers from other departments cannot undermine the QA manager’s authority over matters that affect quality in the CF Division.

The Quality Policy of the AP Division

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AS 9100D(2016) certified

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IATF 16949(2016) certified

1.In addition to implementing quality assurance activities based on our 16.5 Oath principles, we are also using these principles to increase product competitiveness.
2.By continuously improving our Quality Management System, we ensure to constantly provide our customers with superior technologies.
3.With unwavering commitment to manufacturing, quality, and value, we continue to charge ahead of the industry.
4.By deploying “Product Safety” related activities, a mechanism is maintained that will provide our customers a peace of mind.

1. The 16.5 Oath is the result of efforts to improve our operations following our past quality incident, and serve as the foundation for the AP Division Quality Policy which the Quality Control is built upon and will be continuously maintained.

2. Building Quality Management into our system.
We have a quality assurance departmental manager who is given the authority and responsibility to appoint a manager in charge of quality-related matters and proactively seek out opportunities to discuss quality matters with managers from other departments as a means of continuously improving our quality assurance system. Each Department Manager will also clarify customer requirements and ensure they are met, implemented and carried out in order to provide highly reliable products.

3. Unwavering commitment:
Employees pledge to high quality awareness and “Zero Defects” and activities to continuously possess this commitment is also deployed.
Employees will create a state in which every employees are capable to handle the latest technology for extremely difficult precision processing and the capability to utilize them to the fullest extent.

4. Product Safety (Pursuit of Quality First)
The Quality Assurance Manager shall clarify product safety related subjects and provide training to raise awareness of each team.
To achieve AP Division’s quality goals, group leaders and its members understand and implement the Division’s quality principles including adherence to rules, accurate documentation, and notification when unable to perform.