We proudly offer some of the most precise cold-formed components in the world

Our precision cold forming process allows us to achieve highly accurate near-net shape parts. Because our components are formed in a single step from raw materials, they do not require finishing work. Decades of development expertise, coupled with innovative manufacturing techniques that have been carefully passed down for generations, have put us well on our way to becoming the world’s leading manufacturer of precision cold-formed components.

Precision cold-formed components
Our integrated production process starts with preprocessing and extends through forming, machining, heat treatment, and finishing. In addition, our dies are designed, manufactured, and coated in-house. This comprehensive approach results in a level of cold-formed precision that stands head and shoulders above other manufacturers.
High-tech simulations
Our forming process is rooted in numerical analysis and a thoroughly scientific approach. We use our rich experience and advanced simulation technology to design some of the most sophisticated dies in the industry. We continually make use of raw on-site data to further improve the reliability of our simulation tools, which helps us to quickly predict and resolve problems before they arise.
Visual consistency control in every process
Thorough quality control is absolutely essential in manufacturing precision components. Each of our technicians practices visual consistency control in every process based on our “16.5 Oath”. Our aim is zero defects, zero complaints.