Employees do not exist to generate corporate profit. A company exists to serve the employees that make it work.

The success of every company is built upon two elements:
financial resources and human resources. All too often, however, financial gain is viewed as the sole aim of a business, and the human element is taken for granted. At AIKOKU ALPHA CORPORATION, we believe that profit margin and skillful management of human resources are equally important when judging the success of a company.
Here at AIKOKU ALPHA, all employees participate directly in the actual management of the company in three distinct areas: as stock holders, investing financially in the company; as participants weekly meetings between employee representatives and management, having direct influence on the day-to-day management of the company; and as employee-partners, setting voluntary goals, increasing productivity and quality while gaining personal satisfaction in meeting challenges.
In the business world, many companies have achieved financial success with less than exemplary management of human resources. On the other hand, companies with superior personnel management have failed to make a profit. At AIKOKU ALPHA, we strive to be successful on both accounts: achieving bottom-line results while allowing employees and management to work together as partners in charting the course of our business.
AIKOKU ALPHA believes that only by allowing employees full participation in the management of the company can we maintain the delicate balance of a profitable enterprise comprised of happy, motivated employees producing top quality goods and services.

Our Mindset

Corporate mindset Every employee is a valued business partner.
Employee-partner mindset
  • We constantly strive to better ourselves in pursuit of our individual dreams.
  • We take responsibility for our work and take pride in carrying it out.
  • AIKOKU ALPHA succeeds when we fulfill our dreams and are proud of what we accomplish.