AIKOKU ALPHA: Basic Privacy Policy

AIKOKU ALPHA (“the company”) considers properly handling personal information an important social responsibility. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected by complying with all applicable laws and regulations (Japan Law No. 57, 2003) and the Basic Privacy Policy stipulated below.

1. System
  • ・A Privacy Supervisor is responsible for the activities of AIKOKU ALPHA’s Information Systems (ITKT) Department.
  • ・The Chief Manager of each AIKOKU ALPHA business division serves as the Privacy Supervisor for that division and designates a person in charge of all duties related to the handling of personal information and for doing so in line with the company’s basic privacy policy.
2. Collection of personal information
  • ・AIKOKU ALPHA collects personal information through legitimate and fair methods.
  • When personal information is collected directly from the person in question, that person is notified of the company’s usage purposes and asked to agree to them in advance. Information is collected only upon consent.
3. Management and use of personal information
  • ・AIKOKU ALPHA uses the personal information it collects appropriately and within the scope of the published usage purposes. The company will obtain the owner’s consent should those usage purposes change.
  • ・AIKOKU ALPHA transparently indicates how it collected any personal information that it uses.
  • ・AIKOKU ALPHA properly manages personal information through several means, including restricting the number of persons authorized to handle personal information and taking steps to prevent unauthorized use or leakage.
  • ・Except where required by law, AIKOKU ALPHA will never disclose personal information to a third party without that person’s prior consent.
  • ・AIKOKU ALPHA recognizes the legal right of persons to disclose, correct, or delete their personal information, and all reasonable requests to that effect will be promptly granted.
4. Formulating, enacting, maintaining, and improving the Basic Privacy Policy and other regulations
  • ・AIKOKU ALPHA will comply with all laws and other regulations protecting personal information, will establish its own Basic Privacy Policy and rules, will ensure that all AIKOKU ALPHA employees are thoroughly aware of these rules, and will continue to improve all of the above through regular review at the end of each fiscal year.

Personal information collected through this site

Personal information collected through this site is used only as needed for the following purposes:

  • ・To provide information on the company or its products and services
  • ・To discuss or respond to inquiries regarding the company’s products or services
  • ・To contact or help build and maintain smooth working relationships with our business partners and clients
  • ・To provide information in response to employment applications or inquiries or to consider job applicants
  • ・Any other purpose allowed under the Act concerning Protection of Personal Information or other legislation