Environmental principles / Certificate of Registration

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ISO 14001: 2015

Environmental policy

1. Environment: Legal compliance
AIKOKU ALPHA will not only perform legal compliance, but also value the communication and fulfill the commitment to our government, customers, neighbors, and local communities, and promote activities to live in harmony with our society.
2. Environment: Improvement of quality and production efficiency
AIKOKU ALPHA will create a good quality product along with the usage of minimum energy, and will eliminate the waste of energy by improving production efficiency.
3. Environment: Technology development and marketing
AIKOKU ALPHA will strive in the development of cold forming and high- speed cutting technology which will conserve both energy and resource, develop software utilization for manufacturing industry and will expand the market of high-value added products that are created by these technologies.
4. Environment: Conservation
AIKOKU ALPHA will strive to prevent pollution of river by concentrically managed equipment and process which have an effect on drainage water.
5. Continuous improvement
Each AIKOKU ALPHA’s partners will be aware of the importance of environmental concerns and establish goals, take systematic actions to reach those goals and strive to continuously improve environmental management system.

Maximizing profits, individuals and defending the environment

Outstanding corporate performance depends on maximizing profits. Outstanding business operations depend on “maximizing the individual”. In most cases, maximizing profits is the ultimate mission of a corporate enterprise, but “maximizing the individual” must also be a priority target. The purpose of a company is not to “make people do their jobs”, but to figure out how those jobs can contribute positively to people’s lives. We call this “maximizing the individual”
At AIKOKU ALPHA, our environmental principles call for conserving our natural world. This goal, which we call “defending the environment,” must go hand in hand with maximizing profit and the quality of individual lives.