Powerful solutions from a company that knows manufacturing

Our vast expertise and experience in creating systems for manufacturing sites allows us to offer our customers the best in CAD/CAM system sales, support services, and application development.
Because we are at home at manufacturing sites, we know how to develop practical software that effectively meets our customers’ needs—and we stick by them until they have thoroughly mastered its operation.

System support based on a history of success
As an official Dassault Systems VAR (Value Added Retailer), we have successfully installed CATIA systems at manufacturers working in a variety of industries. We not only build CATIA systems, we also run a Dassault-certified CATIA school, a customer help desk service, develop commissioned software, and sell our own in-house product packages.
In addition to our three-dimensional systems, we also offer solutions that address complete product lifecycles through our DELMIA and ENOVIA products.
29 CATIA-certified engineers
(7 experts and 22 specialists)
Raku-Raku Hand product development using the CATIA V5 (RH Division)
Software development to aid manufacturing
In the Manufacturing Solutions Division, our extensive real-world machining experience bridges the gap between NC-based machine tools and CAD/CAM systems, allowing us to provide our customers with total software solutions.
Our NC solution products simplify NC programming, saving you time and effort.
We also make use of our extensive line of in-house package software to help us install software in the most economical way possible.
Impeller processing inspection using G-Navi (AP Division)
MS Division quality policy
The 16.5 Oath is the result of efforts to improve our operations following a past quality incident, and serves as the foundation for the MS Division Quality Policy. It is also used to invigorate competitiveness for ongoing quality improvement. The Quality Policy stipulates that every member of the division must remain thoroughly attentive to customer satisfaction.The chief manager and quality assurance departmental manager establish quality targets based on the Quality Policy.Our Quality Policy demands the following specific actions.a) The quality requirements indicated in customer specifications, regulations, outline drawings, and the like must be satisfied. Further, to ensure the delivery of highly reliable system-related products and services, the Quality Policy demands that a quality management system be put in place and maintained and that all work operations be implemented in a way that satisfies the regulations listed in the quality manual. Ongoing efforts to improve quality must also be carried out. b) Our Quality Policy forms the core of the MS Division quality management system and provides the foundation upon which all of our activities are based.c) The quality assurance departmental manager holds discussions with other managers with the aim of reviewing the Quality Policy at the end of each fiscal year. The targets for the next year are reflected in the new policy following manager approval.